Insomnia Nation

A new look at the sleepless brain.
November 2015, Slate

Cult of Science 
How The Martian views scientific authority.
October 2015, Slate

The Quest for Clean Weed
What’s harshing marijuana growers’ mellow?
April 2016, Slate

Eye, Robot
A bionic eye that restores sight.
August 2014, The Atlantic

Tongue in Cheek
A tongue-powered drive lets paraplegics control their wheelchairs.
July 2014, New Scientist (PDF here)

Down Under
Peat bogs hold the key to preventing global warming.
September 2013, New Scientist (paywalled)

What it’s like to regain your sense of hearing, smell, or touch.
February 2015, Wired

Fellowship of the Tree Rings
New Zealand researchers probe climate science by looking at wood.
April 2013, National Geographic News


Bleeding Green
No, vegetarians aren’t killing the planet.
December 2015, Slate

For God’s Shake
A Jewish history of salt.
May 2015, Moment Magazine

How pie got its sweetness.
March 2015, Slate

Berry Bot
Robot learns to pick the ripest strawberries.
August 2012, Wired

What the Cluck?
Introducing the vegan egg yolk.
August 2012, Wired

Legal Loophole
Organic strawberries? Not so much.
September 2011, The New York Times


How an Evangelical creationist accepted evolution.
December 2015, Slate

Does being half-Chinese, half-Jewish make me neither?
September 2015, The Jewish Daily Forward

All or Nothing
Part Asian-American, all Jewish.
February 2015, NPR

Trans Force
Lessons from other countries on transgender service.
August 2015, Slate

Yeshiva Bocher
How the Jewish boy got so nice.
November 2014, Moment Magazine

Holy Cow
Could lab-grown meat ever be kosher?
September 2014, Slate


The Moral Cost of Cats
A bird-loving scintist calls for an end to outdoor felines.
September 2016, Smithsonian

Bring on the Butcher Bots
Should we get rid of humans in slaughterhouses?
January 2016, Slate

Aw, Nuts!
There aren’t enough male squirrels to mate with all the females.
October 2015, Slate

More than Glorious
The peacock’s strutting masks a deep desperation.
August 2015, Slate

Define ‘Rationality’
Is that a decoy or your frog prince?
August 2015, Slate

A Tail of Resilience
Using rat poop to reconstruct climate.
November 2013, The Sieve

Pest Problem
New Zealand’s war on 30 million possums.
March 2013, The Atlantic